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Di866 USB Firmware Update Process

Di866 USB Firmware Update Process

Before updating the firmware, please check version table of the Di866.Di866firmware1
For example:
For Canon, the latest firmware version is 2.
For Nikon, the latest firmware version is 4.
Please follow the steps to check the version table:
Press "On/Off" button followed by pressing "Pilot" button and the version table is shown. “C” line indicate the USB updated firmware version.Di866firmware2
Following the steps below to finish the firmware update process:

Step 1:


Download Di866 USB firmware from Nissin official website.
File name: Setup.exe

Step 2:Di866firmware4

Double-click to install.

Step 3: Di866firmware5

Press "OK" button to continue.

Step 4:Di866firmware6

Press "Extract" button to continue the installation.

Step 5: Di866firmware7

Press “Finish” button to run the program when the “Download Manger Main Program” installed successfully .

Step 6:Di866firmware8

Go to “Software” page.

Step 7: Di866firmware9

In “Model” section, please select the model of Di866. If there is a red box notice prompted with “Your Current version is lasted updated”. This means the Di866 firmware has currently updated from Nissin official website and click OK.

Step 8: Di866firmware10

Following the Step1-3, connect USB cable and Di866, and continue the download.

Step 9:Di866firmware11

Make sure the cable has been connected successfully. A white screen indicates that Di866 is in the download mode.
(a) If this is the first time to update the Di866, please go tothe Step 10.
(b) If the Di866 has been updated in the past, press Download button directly and go to Step 11.

Step 10:Di866firmware12_2

Di866firmware13 Di866firmware14


When windows found the new hardware, click Locate and install driver software. Follow the steps to install.

Browse the location and click Next.


Click Install.


Please wait while installing driver software.


Press Close when the install completed.


Step 11:Di866firmware19

When the download completed, click OK.

Step 12: Di866firmware20

When red blank shows ”Download success,” disconnect the USB cable. The white screen should still remain in the flash unit. Unloading the battery cartridge. Leave the download Manager when completed.