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Q01. Can the Di28, Di466, Di622 and Di866 be used with traditional film cameras?

No, they cannot. They are designed for digital cameras and are unlikely to work properly with film cameras.

Q02. Is it possible to use the Di28, Di466, Di622 and Di866 with Pentax or Olympus digital cameras?

With the current range they are compatible with Canon, Nikon, Sony and Four Third system camera (Panasonic / Olympus)

Remark: Four Third system is available with Di466 Four Third only.

Q03. Do the Di28, Di466, Di622 and Di866 work with all Canon and Nikon digital cameras?

They will not work with certain models. Please refer to the compatibility list.

Q04. I'm using an interchangeable lens marketed by third party and wondering if my lens works with your flash properly.

Usability is guaranteed when the flash is used with the specified camera and its original lens. Compliance with third-party lenses has not been confirmed by Nissin.
As of September 30, 2007, we had not received any reports of problems associated with the use of a Nissin flash with a third-party lens.

Q05. What kind of batteries do the Di28, Di466, Di622 and Di866 take?

A type LR6 or equivalent battery can be used.
Ni MH batteries are recommended for quick recycling and longer life.

Q06. Does the Nissin flash respond to rear curtain synchronization?

For Di866, it respond to rear curtain synchronization.
For Di466 & Di622, it responds to DSLR cameras which provide this setting with the camera.

Q07. Does Nissin flash respond to the camera’s high speed shutter synch.system?

For Di866, it supports high speed shutter synch.
For Di28, Di466 and Di622, it doesn’t support high speed shutter synch.

Q08. Is there is a power pack for the Di622, or are there any plans to make one available?

No, there is no power pack at present. Future plans have yet to be determined.