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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
  1. Nissin Online Store accepts Paypal payment methods.

  2. For the special offer items, maximum 2 set can be bought in each order.

  3. Power Pack Battery warranty is for 3 months from the data of product received. Another product warranty is for 1 year.

  4. Purchases are couriered within Hong Kong only (Does not included Islands District).

  5. PO Box address is not accepted.

  6. HK$50 delivery fee will be charged for order below HK$800. Such fee will be waived for order reaches HK$800 or above.

  7. Nissin marketing Limited customer service will contact you for the delivery date within 2 business days upon the order payment is confirmed.
    Deliver within 2-3 business days (Monday – Friday)

  8. Signature is required for all deliveries. In the event of an unsuccessful delivery, Nissin Marketing Limited/ Courier will contact you arrange a more convenient delivery day. But Nissin Marketing Limited can collect the extra delivery expense from this customer to keep the right.

  9. Nissin Marketing Limited will not verify the recipient’s identity and bears no responsibility for this.

  10. For 7 days from the date of product received, all accessories which are directly purchased by Nissin Online Store, in addition to SC-01, Power Pack PS 8 and Power Pack Battery fail to not working. Please bring the original warranty card and purchase invoices to do a free replacement.

    *Remark: Power Pack Battery warranty is for 3 months from the data of product received. Another product warranty is for 1 year.

  11. Replacement will not be honored if the article is damaged by accident, mishandling or failure to follow the instructions e.g. Using incorrect batteries, battery leakage occurred, dust/mold/water/soil found inside article.

  12. No Refund.

  13. Nissin Marketing Limited must do everything possible to finish the customer through each order form that Nissin online store's webpage sent out, but if Nissin Marketing Limited, on the basis of any reason (including goods shortage or situation of supplying is changed) Refuse or unable to finish any order form, Nissin Marketing Limited needn't bear any responsibility to any personage at this point without exception.

  14. Nissin Marketing Limited must do everything possible goods price and information guaranteeing to be listed on Nissin online store's webpage have already been upgraded, but Nissin Marketing Limited keeps price and information that the right can alter the goods, needn't make the notice.

  15. The bill offered on the net and bill sent out finally or having differences, this may be in short supply and replacing the change of goods, special offer and weighing the influence of the goods. Nissin Marketing Limited keep right make adjustment to bill that offer on the net, and such adjust, can list while delivering goods giving final billing of customer.

  16. If the customer requires and makes the modification to any order form but Nissin Marketing Limited admits, will adjust in conformity with modifications made on the price that this order form should pay; Such will list to adjust it on final bill given while delivering goods to the customer.

  17. Have already damaged or already exceeded its useful life or leaked and given or had mistakes to give the goods of pair if verifying any goods are delivering, Nissin Marketing Limited must be according to returning the price about goods or changing relevant goods to the customer, but the customer must notify in 24 hours after delivering goods.

  18. All goods that Nissin Marketing Limited sells through this webpage are sold under the restrictions of this clause and terms. Your Excellency sends out the order form on Nissin online store's webpage, require us to deal with, show clauses and terms listed that Your Excellency has confirmed when Your Excellency has already read, been clear and agreed to send out the order form.

  19. The goods not chosen such as the customer's order form are misdelivered to this customer, Nissin online store reserves the right to fetch and should misdeliver the goods.

  20. Any has not obtained and sent the goods paid to pay the cost such as the customer, Nissin Marketing Limited must return the price that was once collected from the customer to this customer on this goods.

  21. Nissin Marketing Limited any give pairs of responsibility of goods limited to hereinbefore stated refund or change goods only already. Other all remedy the method and is got rid of outside the applicable scope.

  22. Any refund deposits into Paypal accounts of this customer that lists on the registration form or returns the cash according to the choice of Nissin Marketing Limited.

  23. Nissin Marketing Limited keeps the right, can absolutely weigh and revise this clause and terms according to the circumstances according to it. The customer must be responsible for consulting this clause and terms first before sending out any order form by oneself. The order form is sent out, the customer must regard as and already accept effective clause and terms at that time.

  24. Nissin Marketing Limited reserves the right of final decision in case of any dispute.