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Compatibility Chart

The latest Compatibility Chart

Last updated: Jan 2021



●  Compatible Model

○  Incompatible Model

- No information available. To be confirmed.

*1 HSS High speed sync. and second-curtain sync not supported.

*2 For using with those Canon camera models, before Binding setting, please set Commander Air 1 to "Mode 2". At the same time, the second curtain sync can not be selected. For details, please refer to Air 1's user manual page8 - Appendix1.

*3 When using the the first 4 product's serial numbers digits smaller-than the following value  :
Di600: 6803020001~  Di700A:6720100001~   Air 1:C67217001~   i40:67281609001~
an error message would appear on camera display when changing "external flash function setting",  but the setting is reflected normally. AF assist lamp function on the flash will not work

*4 Wireless Slave mode does not support the camera built-in flash as the master function.

*5 Since those camera built-in flash have not the master function, they should use a optional master remote unit (e.g. Canon ST-E2) to control wirelessly any slave flash eqipped optical slave recevier.

*6 Zoom head operation not supported.

*7 The flash charging lamp in the camera viewfinder will not go out.

*8 Limited by the camera system function, Flash TTL function will be disabled when camera set to M manual exposure mode.

*9 When shooting in continuous mode, flash exposure of TTL mode may become unstable. 


●  Compatible Model

○  Incompatible Model

- No information available. To be confirmed.

*1  Extremely underexposure (about -2EV) appear when Air 1 mounted on D5 to control wirelessly the slave flash and the flash light does not hit the subject directly, such as bouncing or diffusing, 

*2  In D4 · D4s, when manual flash is set, when you shoot continuously and rapidly manually in the Q mode · 1 sheet shooting mode, emission may be missing. Please understand that it is based on specifications.

*3  At the time of FP flash, it may be underexposed by about 1 stage compared with the genuine strobe

*4  SD Mode not supported

*5  Commander / Flash unit may be freeze when camera turn on the electronic shutter mode with mirror up mode. If Commander / Flash unit freezes, remove and re-insert the battery. Turn off the in-compatible function of camera then power on Commander / Flash unit again.

*6 A firmware update may required in the future.




●  Compatible Model

○  Incompatible Model

- No information available. To be confirmed.

*1  Use the Sony Shoe Adaptor (ADP-AMA) 

*2  It slightly interferes (contacts) with the EVF. Since you can not use EVF, it can not be used because diopter correction does not work by interfering.

*3  Optical wireless function are not available.

*4  For using with those Sony camera models, not support the Air R's HSS High-speed sync function :: α9, α7R Mark III, α7R Mark II, α7S Mark II, α7 Mark III, α7 Mark II , α99 Mark II , α6500



●      Compatible Model

●H   This camera supports HSS/FP High speed synchronize function.

○      Incompatible Model

- No information available. To be confirmed.

*1  The Fujifilm camera is supporting of High speed synchronize function after camera firmware updated

*2  Flash can be insert on the hot shoe of main body or that of EVF. When inserted a flash on the EVF shoe, do not tilt-up EVF since this may make the EVF damage.

Panasonic / Olympus


●  Compatible Model

○  Incompatible Model

- No information available. To be confirmed.

*1  Unstable operation may appear when turn on the S-OVF Function ( Optical view finder simulation ) of  EVF and shoot with EVF. 

*2  Flash's optical slave wireless mode is incompatible with camera's wireless flash system.

*3  Di700A for FT version will be supporting Olympus E-M5 Mark II after flash firmware updated.

*4  Hardware compatible on or above the following Serial Number: i40: 8A18XXXXXXX~  i400:8927XXXXXXX~

*5  According to the specifications of Panasonic Lumix series, the continuous shooting function cannot be used when an external flash is installed on the hot shoe.