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September 21, 2010 - Nissin group is pleased to announce Nissin MF18 at Photokina 2010.

This is the latest Ring flash model features the outstanding functions and high level performance. The range of macro lens mount adaptors is usable from 49 to 77mm. It provides an extraordinary guide number of 16 (ISO100) with a user friendly design of auto color display and My TTL custom setting. In addition, it has Wireless and High Speed Synchro. function to achieve high quality performance. The Power Pack port extends the usability of connection to different lighting and power systems. Nissin MF18 Ring flash gives a high standard of professional macro shooting.

Key Features:

Wide range of lens mount adaptation

Nissin MF18 supports a wide range of macro lens mount adaptors from 49 to 77mm.

Color and Auto Rotating Display

The color display will automatically rotate from horizontal to vertical as the flash is rotated and the user friendly six icon interface represents each of the operation mode– Auto, TTL, Manual, Multi, Wireless TTL (Master/Remote) and Custom Setting.

External Power Pack Port

Nissin MF18 supports Nissin Power Pack PS300, it can be used to speed up the recycling time of flashes.


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