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Di700A and Air1

Flash"Di700A" and Commander "Air1" with 2.4GHz Radio Transmission Wireless System

TOKYO Yokohama <<CP+2015>>, 12-15th February 2015, Nissin Group will announce a new radio transmission wireless flash system – NAS (Nissin Air System), Nissin Flash Di700A and Nissin Commander Air 1 will also be on display at CP+2015 show, before its official release.

NAS (Nissin Air System)

NAS is Nissin newly developed 2.4GHz radio transmission wireless flash system. To compare with the traditional optical wireless transmitters, 2.4GHz radio transmission is less susceptible to angle and obstacle limitation, coverage up to 30 meters. Transmission channels and radio transmission IDs can be set to prevent misfiring in the event of signal interference on the same channel. Nissin Commander Air 1 can control 3 groups of Nissin Flash Di700A with the user friendly operation panel and variety function, it would be more convenient for the user.

Flexible combination of Nissin NAS. Nissin Commander Air 1 can be mixed to control different versions of Nissin Di700A for wireless TTL or manual flash.

Apart from the wireless Commander and Flash, Nissin will launch a radio Receiver for non-NAS flash. Which make NAS become a comprehensive photography flash system in the future.

Nissin Flash Di700A and Nissin Commander Air 1 available with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm and Four Thirds version.

■ Nissin Air 1 Various Functions

(1) Select Dial with a simple user of interface

(2) Support TTL compensation +/- 2EV

(3) 8 steps of Manual output

(4) Manual zoom coverage 24 - 200mm

(5) High-speed synchronization

(6) 1st and 2nd curtain synchronization

(7) AF assist light

■ Nissin Di700A Various Functions

(1) Stylish design and simple operation

(2) A wide range of zoom irradiation angle of up to 24-200mm

(3) Rotating lock release button

(4) High-speed synchronization up to 1/8,000 seconds shutter speed

(5) Wireless TTL slave for A/B/C groups

(6) Standard & 3.5mm PC sync terminal

(7) Quick-loading battery magazine – BM-02

(8) Compatible with Power Pack

※ NAS (Nissin Air System) is Nissin own 2.4GHz radio transmission system. It can comprehensive with all Nissin NAS products and accessories.


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