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September 26, 2008 - Nissin Group is pleased to announce its newest flag-ship model- Di866 PROFESSIONAL at Photokina 2008.

The Di866 PROFESSIONAL is designed for digital SLR cameras with many “World First” features in this class. The unique color display bears simple and user friendly features of our design concept. This is the flash unit which professional and advance photographers have been waiting for.

Di866 outstanding features

♦ Compatibility

- Di866C - Canon digital SLR cameras and Powershot Hotshoe cameras

- Di866N - Nikon digital SLR cameras and Coolpix Hotshoe cameras

♦ World's highest power in clip-on class

- G.No.60 (ISO100/m at 105mm )

♦ Auto Rotation view of color dispaly

- Display always stays upright even flash unit turns

♦ Fill-in sub-flash

- A small sub-flash fill-in while the main flash turns for bounce lighting

♦ 315V High Voltage Power Service Connector

- High voltage power pack enhance the recycle time less than 1 sec

♦ Wireless TTL for Canon and Nikon DSLR

- The best solution for off camera multi-flash technique

♦ Firmware Update Service Via USB port

- Can update firmware through the USB port

♦ External Auto-Exposure Sensor

- With eight F-stops, from F2 to F22 with compensation capability

♦ High Speed Synchronization

- FP (High Frequency Pulse) flash synchronizes to all high shutter speed over 1/250sec

♦ Nissin Original "MY TTL" Flash Compensation

- Self adjustable TTL light output level

♦ Battery Magazine Quick Loading System

- 2 sec loading by Nissin original battery magazine.



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