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Flash for food photography - By Solli Kanani

Food photography with Nissin Flash i60A

Light is everything for a photographer, even in food photography! There is nothing worse than having distracting and hard shadows in a food picture nor one that have not enough light on the subject. Natural sunlight is indeed pure and appealing and if you manage to do your food photography while the sun is shining and there are no clouds, then go ahead! That’s what I’ve been doing until now, but frankly, it’s not easy to manage food photography depending on the hours of the sun. It’s both challenging and demanding. This has lead me into the quest for artificial light! I never thought I would use it and just seeing the set-up made me run away. However, Nissin has made it easy! I’ve been lucky to get to try not only one but two Speedlights from this Japanese brand and also an Air commander. The perfect flash-kit for food photography? You will know in this review!


  1. Introduction of i60A & Air 1

  2. Fill-in reflector, softbox and light-diffusing panel

  3. Two flashes food photography

  4. One flash food photography

  5. Conclusion

Nissin Flash i60A

Nissin Flash i60A and Commander Air 1

I’ve always thought learning how to manage flashes would be a nightmare. But what do you not do for beautiful food photos?

After reading various reviews and tests on the web I stumbled over Nissin, a Japanese brand I had never heard of before but that caught my attention. Nissin is in fact a Japanese leading manufacturer of flash units and was founded already back in 1969. Their 60 years of experience in this market let me gain trust in their brand and products. For this review I got to try two different products, two flashes and one commander. Powerful AND compact, Nissin Flash i60A was made for mirrorless camera users who need powerful flashes but compact sizes in order to adapt to the lightweight of mirrorless cameras. Thanks to the Nissin Commander Air 1 you can control 3 groups of Nissin flashes, it comes with an LCD panel that is very inutiative to use.

The flashes are equipped with a Quick Release and a flash stand is included in the package. However you can easily attach them onto your tripod as well if you need your flash to be on a higher level. When I do food photography I usually don’t use the flash mounted on the camera however I tried it on as you can see in the photo below just to have a feeling how it felt having it attached. As the flash is compact and lightweight you can easily do your shooting attached to the camera if you prefer using front light. In this review I have used the flash as off-camera flashes. There is a softbox included in the package and also an integrated diffuser and reflector card on each flash.

Nissin Flash i60A on Nikon z6

Let’s have a look on the technical side of the Nissin Flash i60A and the Nissin Commander Air 1.

Nissin Flash i60A

Nissin i60A

Technical specifications


Air 1

Pairing the Flash i60A with the commander Air 1

There is a manual, but you will barely need it. That is how simple the Nissin Flash i60A is to pair with the Nissin Commander Air 1.

  1. Attach the commander Air 1 on to your cameras hotshoe

  2. Turn on the flash i60A by pressing on the power button and the control wheel button simultaneously for about 3 seconds until you hear it beeping.

  3. Turn on the commander Air 1 by pressing on the power button and the S-button simultaneously for 3 seconds and you will hear that the flash will stop beeping when they have been paired.

  4. You are good to go!

Nissin Flash equipped with fill-in reflector, soft box and light diffusing panel

The Nissin Flash i60A has an integrated fill-in reflector and a light diffusing panel and moreover it has a soft box you can attach to it as well. The fill-in reflector is useful if the subject is very close, then you simply drag out the fill-in reflector and turn the flash 90 degrees upwards. The light diffusing panel makes the lighter softer and is perfect for portrait photography. The soft box that you can attach to the flash head also softens the light and also reduces the hard shadows. To illustrate the functions of these extra accessories that are included with the Nissin Flash i60A I have taken some photos so you can see the differences.

The photos above where taken :

  1. without flash