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i60A - By Marc Alhadeff

Thanks to Degreef & Partner, Nissin distributor for France and Benelux, I could test the Nissin i60a

  1. Presentation

  2. On-Camera flash

  3. Wireless capabilities

  4. Alternatives flashes

  5. Conclusion

1 Presentation

1.1 Introduction

The Nissin i60a (269 eur official price) is the most powerful flash in Nissin range (Japanese company)

While being very powerful it stays very compact compared to traditional cobra flahses

  • Guide Number of 60@200mm @100ISO

  • Optical wireless mode in slave only

  • Radio control (Nissin Air) in slave only

  • Video LED, not compatible with AF assist on E mount (possible with native Sony flash)

  • Easy to use interface

  • Recycling time at full power is a little bit long at 5sec (1.7 to 3 sec for competitors)

1.2 Specifications

You can find an overview of its capabilities here below

Note :

  • Rear curtain work on the body but not in wireless (no flash except 2 from Sony for offer it

  • AF Assist light is built in , but not working on Sony E mount cameras (A6000, A7..) , this is the case for all flashes except 2 Sony ones. It can work on other brand like Fuji, Canon…

1.3 Build quality & handling

  • The build quality is very good

  • The fill in reflector system is very well thought and slide on the top of the flash

  • To fix the flash just push it into the hotshoe / there is a button “unlock” to unplug the flash

  • The head rotation system is unusual with a metallic articulation but is very handy and feels solid

There is the possilbity to plug in a battery pack from Nissin to extend the autonomy and shorten recycling time, but there is no USB port for firmware upgrade this will require you to return the flash to a service centre (fortunately there is very rarely a firmware upgrade for flashes)

1.4 Size

The Nissin i60a is much smaller than other GN60 flahses

Thanks to its compact size it could still be used on an APS-C body

Nissin Di700 left (GN54), Nissin I60 on right (GN60)

HVL-F32M on the left, Nissin i60 on the right

Left Nissin i40 / Right Nisin i60a

1.5 Ergonomics

Compared to the Nissin i40 , the i60a add a real LCD screen, but still with the same spirit of ease of use that is the key added value of Nissin

With a Nissin flash you almost never need to consult the user guide as all operations are quite clear from the interface

  • One dial for the mode : TTL, manual, RMT (in red , wireless remote) with TTL or manual, Video led

  • One wheel with directions keys for the settings and advanced functions: the selected settings and mode is displayed in a very graphical manner on the LCD display

Wireless mode

Manual mode, Automatic Zoom