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Nissin MG10 + Air10s - By Marc Alhadeff

Thanks to Degreef & Partner, Nissin distributor for Benelux and France, I could test the Nissin MG10 and Air10s system.

  1. Presentation

  2. Nissin MG10

  3. Nissin Air10

  4. Usage

  5. Conclusion

1 Presentation

The Nissin MG10 is sold in kit with the Nissin Air10s for Sony for 700euros

in the box you will find

  • The Nissin MG10 flash

  • A L-bracket to mount it

  • A lightstand adapter

  • An adapter for AA batteries and one for 26650 Li-ion Batteries

  • A filter holder and a diffuser

  • A bag

  • The Nissin Air 10s with 2 cables for remote triggering (1 for E mount, 1 for A mountain and a nice case

There is a small startup guide, but I recommend you to download the full user guide on their website.

2 Nissin MG10

2.1 Introduction

The MG10 is a handle mount flash that work only in wireless mode with the Air10s, there is no screen on it, everything is happening with Air10s. No Need of cable just put the Nissin Air10s on the flash hotshoe

The provided L-braccket and the rail available on both sides of the MG10 allow to mount it on the left or on the right of the camera.

There is a motorized Zoom, a rotating head, a big button for wireless remote shutter, a dial to choose channel and one for the group.

There is a socket to connect a shutter cable and a plug for an external battery pack (Nissin PS8)

2.2 Specifications

2.3 Power & Alimentation

The MG10 has a huge GN of 80 @200mm (165Ws)

It can be powered either by

  • 8 standard AA batteries giving a 250 full power flashes with a recycling times of 3 sec or by

  • 2 x 26650 Li ion 5000mAh batteries giving a autonomy of 500 flashes and 2.8 sec recycling time at full power

  • and can be completed by Nissin PS8 battery pack (160 euros – 800g): for an additional 550 flashes at full power and 1.5s recycling time. The PS8 battery pack can sustain 2 flashes at the same time and has also a USB socket to e.g. charge your phone

I did a full afternoon wedding with the 26650 batteries and did not exhaust it and I never had to use the huge full power of GN80

2.4 Performances