Air R

Makes your Flash fully compatible with NAS

Photographers who currently own an original manufacturers flash (Canon, Nikon & Sony)* or a Nissin flash will definitely benefit from the launch of Receiver Air R. You may make your group of existing flashes be compatible with the Nissin Air System.

* Does not support cross-system.




Notice: Design and specification are subject to change without prior notice.


Air R Firmware update

How to check the Firmware version of Air R:

  1. Turn off the Air R.

  2. Turn Group dial to C and Channel dial to 8.

  3. Pressing the Power button awhile until the front indicator LED change to orange light, the indicator will be twinkling. The twinkling times means firmware version.

  • *The firmware update is not required if the version is the latest.

The latest firmware version

4 for Canon

5 for Nikon

1 for Sony

Firmware update

Please contact our official distributors for firmware update service because of Air R using a special update interface (not USB).