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Air R

Makes your Flash fully compatible with NAS

Photographers who currently own an original manufacturers flash (Canon, Nikon & Sony)* or a Nissin flash will definitely benefit from the launch of Receiver Air R. You may make your group of existing flashes to be compatible with the Nissin Air System.

* Does not support cross system.




Notice: Design and specification are subject to change without prior notice.

Air R Firmware update


How to check Firmware version of Air R:

  1. Turn off the Air R.

  2. Turn Group dial to C and Channel dial to 8.

  3. Pressing Power button awhile until front indicator LED change to orange light, the indicator will be twinkling. The twinkling times means firmware version.

  • *The firmware update is not required if the version is the latest.

The latest firmware version

4 for Canon

4 for Nikon

1 for Sony

Firmware update

Please contact our official distributors for firmware update service because of Air R using a special update interface (not USB).