Simple Operation

Stylish design with enhanced user experience colourful LED control panel and select dial with a simple user interface in both Nissin Di700A and Nissin Air 1. Even beginners can quickly get started. All settings can be easily operated by one finger-tip.




Notice: Design and specification are subject to change without prior notice.

(*1):Not compatible with Nissin Battery Magazine BM-01

(*2):Not correspond to the wireless optical TTL master. Can be set as A/B/C group (Group RMT/ RMT 2/ RMT M for Sony Version)

(*3):SD - Slave Digital (synchronizes to the pre-flash system. The master flash is to be set at TTL (E-TTL for Canon, i-TTL for Nikon and ADI/P-TTL for Sony) mode
SF - Slave Film. synchronizes to the traditional single flash system. The master flash is to be set at manual mode. Studio lighting system synchronizes to this mode. This mode is also available for open flash, and for a standard flash in the market.

Di700A Firmware update


How to check the Firmware version of Di700A:

  1. Turn on the flash.

  2. Pressing Power button first, then press the Pilot button immediately.

  3. Release the Power button and keep pressing the Pilot button to check the LED light:
    ○○○○○○○● → 1
    ○○○○○○●○ → 2
    ○○○○○○●● → 3
    ○○○○○●○○ → 4
    ○○○○○●○● → 5
    ○○○○○●●○ → 6
    ○○○○○●●● → 7
    ○○○○●○○○ → 8
    ○○○○●○○● → 9
    ○○○○●○●○ → 10
    ○○○○●○●● → 11
    ○○○○●●○○ → 12
    ○○○○●●○● → 13
    ○○○○●●●○ → 14
    ○○○○●●●● → 15
    ○○○●○○○○ → 16

  • *The firmware update is not required if the version is the latest.

The latest firmware version

16 for Canon

15 for Nikon

6 for Sony

4 for Fujifilm

2 for Four Thirds

Update History

Firmware update

Please contact our official distributors for firmware update service because of Di700A using a special update interface (not USB).