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Easy carry little kit


Multipurpose kit for limited working space

A multipurpose kit which including necessary accessories all together for different photo shooting situation. Main stand, LS-20C, compact and lightweight. An extender with grip handle for height adjustment or holding the flash with a pole style. A ball head allows flash mounts on it firmly with all direction adjustment and insert umbrella for reflection. LS-20CS can also be fit for limited working space. Main stand in minimum 19cm when collapsed. Mini softbox made by foldable joints can be taken up little space. Unique combination of ball head in small size which can be put in pocket freely. Black nylon soft bags for storing all parts of tools. 



■ Fit for handheld flash, tabletop and backlight

■ The total weight 730g/1.7lb

■ Light and strong carbon fibre pole and extender

■ A smart folding mechanism, only 19cm / 7.5in. tall when collapsed

■ Maximum operating height is 110 cm / 43.3 in. (with extender & grip handle)

■ Compact size perfect for limited working space





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