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The power of integration – Nissin MG80 Pro

Nissin Japan Limited (Chairman Mr. Goto Chikara) proudly announces the launch of MG80 Pro which is an advanced NAS 2.4Ghz*1 built-in commander strobe for both on and off-camera. It is a 60GN (83 w/s) powerful strobe and equipped with a patented wide variety battery choice system. Moreover, it provides a master / slave feature for more operation flexibility. The MG80 Pro fully supports the current Nissin NAS strobes. The package comes with a flash stand, filter holder and wide-angle diffuser. Fully compatible with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, Panasonic and Olympus systems and it will be available in the market on late May 2019.

Wide Variety Battery System – Patented and effective design

The Wide Variety Battery System supports all types of AA size batteries, including Li-ion (14500 type), rechargeable NiMH and alkaline batteries. Using 14500 type rechargeable Li-ion batteries will result in a faster recycling time of 1.5 seconds consistently at full power while rechargeable NiMH batteries recycle at approximately 4 seconds at full power.  ( All batteries are sold separately )

Durable Quartz Tube and high heat-resistant material adopted

A Durable Quartz Tube and high heat-resistant material are adopted to significantly reduce heat effects of the flash. Combining these design elements, the MG80 Pro achieves 1000 full power flashes without any adverse heat effects.

Built-in Air 10s commander and master slave

MG80 Pro has a  built-in NAS commander which means the maximum wireless control distance will be 100 meters, which is the same as Nissin Air 10s Commander. It supports TTL mode, M mode, HSS (FP sync) up to 1/8000 sec., rear curtain sync and other functionalities wirelessly. Moreover, MG80 Pro can also act as a master flash when shooting with another slave strobes.

High power LED modeling (8W) with silent cooling system

The 8W LED modelling light is a perfect match for studio applications. A Silent Cooling System provides a safe and sound environment during the shooting process.



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