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The lightest and the most portable stand 


Lightest, compact and strong

This carbon fibre light stand is the lightest light stand that you can find on the market and weighs in at only 545 grams! When collapsed, the 48.5cm Nissin LS-50C Light Stand can fit in any carry-on luggage piece and in almost any gear bag. Although this stand is small and compact, when extended, it reaches a total length of 200cm.



■ Carbon-fiber central pole design  

■ Total weight down to 545g/1.2lb

■ The smart folding mechanism, only 48.5cm / 19in. tall when collapsed

■ Maximum operating height is 200cm / 79in.  

■ An Angle modification lever which allows one leg to be adjusted while on uneven ground

■ Easy to travel around and store it in a portable duffle bag

■ The silver knob is for attaching a sandbag or other weight to stabilize the stand 



LS50C Components_2x.png


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