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Light, Strong and portable stand


Light, Strong and portable

This carbon fiber light stand is a light portable stand only 630 grams. With carbon fiber legs, the LS-55C are much more stable to wearing a heavy flash.
When collapsed, the 49cm Nissin LS-55C Light Stand can fit in any carry-on luggage piece and in almost any gear bag. Although this stand is small and compact, when extended, it reaches a total length of 200cm.



■ Carbon-fiber central pole design  

■ Total weight down to 630g/1.4lb

■ Smart folding mechanism, only 49cm / 19in. tall when contracted

■ Maximum operating height is 200cm / 79in.  

■ An Angle modification lever which allows one leg to be adjusted while on uneven ground

■ Easy to travel around and store it in a portable duffle bag