Full Carbon-fibre with adjustable leg


Optimisation for the best

To provide better user experience, LS-55C enhanced the legs to carbon fibre, an angle adjustment lever and the lock grips. The carbon fibre legs are stiff to use on all situation such as sandy land. An angle adjustment lever leg can be applied for complicating situation such as uneven ground or staircase. The lock grips enhanced the gesture of hands to twist easily. They are durable and flexible in a harsh environment. Those enhancements still keep it in a lightweight only 630 grams.



■ Full carbon-fibre pole and legs

■ Only 85g difference than LS-50C (Total weight 630g/1.4lb)

■ Adjustable legs make the task smoother action

■ Maximum operating height is 200cm / 79in.  



LS55C Spec 2.png